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Student Group Insurance

Significance of Student Group Insurance

The student group insurance is a general group insurance program designed for all students at the university. According to the insurance policy contract, an insured student is entitled to personal insurance coverage for the costs arising from hospitalization, physical disability or death as a result of a disease or accident. The insurance program is significant as an expression of mutual supports among students with regard to their personal health and safety.


In accordance with the Contract, the insurance company shall pay a claim to the insured for death, disability, or hospital admission caused by occurrence of a disease or injury by accident during the policy period. The term "injury by accident" as used in the preceding paragraph refers to physical harm caused by unforeseen external events other than illness.

Compensation Application Procedures

  • Limitation of Claims Application:Two years from the date of the  accident.
  • To claim compensation, please submit the following documents to Health Center in person (or by post). We will submit your application to the insurance company.
1.Insurance Application Form
2.Original certificate of diagnosis
3.Original payment receipt (or a photocopy one with a hospital seal)
4.Photocopy of your post office/bank passbook cover